Fountain of Youth

By: paulhassing

Jul 11 2010

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Focal Length:4.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This bittersweet scene reveals itself in layers and layers.

The fountain built to refresh passers by is drowning in its own water, which reflects a wintry sky.

The grit-laden enamel is doubly assaulted – peeling from the base and daubed in graffiti (which on the right dribbles in sympathy).

In the background, the pool that theoretically could have occupied the vandals is desolate.

In the foreground, the dull chrome dome reflects the photographer, flanked by leafless trees.

A verdigris of algae leads the eye to the submarine-like tap.

And in the ultimate, unplanned touch, a dead wasp lends a mortal motif of the kind found in so many classical paintings.

Not the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘Prahran’.

Still, the former name for this area, Pur-ra-ran, was a blend of two Indigenous words meaning ‘land partially surrounded by water’.


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