Down to the woods

My wife was interstate.

Lonely, I took advantage of a bright winter’s day to take the doggies on a different walk.

We drove to Banyule Flats – Melbourne’s largest remaining permanent swamp.

It looks better than it sounds, with an astonishing array of flora and fauna to enjoy.

On the way we passed through this tiny pine forest – probably no more than 200 trees.

The sun hit the grass, bark and pine needles just right.

The doggies loved it and were busy snuffling when I focused from afar.

To get their attention, all I had to call out was, ‘Where’s Mum?’

They instantly stopped, swivelled and searched – with every sense straining.

I felt a bit bad, as Mum was still three days away.

But they got treats after giving me such a beautiful scene.



3 comments on “Down to the woods”

  1. See here, how nice to now look-see new Now Look Here here! Here here. xo

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